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We’re Hintz Removals, your reliable partner for all your international moving needs in Bournemouth. Our globally-focused approach has earned us an impressive 4.9 rating on Google Reviews, and we couldn’t be prouder. Moving internationally involves more than just a physical shift—it’s a significant life alteration. That’s why we’re dedicated to ensuring your move is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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Opt for Global-Minded Hintz Removals for Your International Moves in Bournemouth!

We’ve been in the business of assisting individuals with significant relocations for years now. And we’re not just referring to the distance—we’re talking about a change in perspective, a leap into the unknown, a bold step into a new chapter of life. Our team is here to support you every step of the way, from carefully packing your belongings to ensuring they reach your new residence safely, regardless of where in the world that may be.

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International Moves Service

We believe in the power of global thinking. Our experience and comprehension of international moves set us apart. We’re more than just a removal service—we’re a group of world-travelers who grasp the intricacies and subtleties of relocating to a different country. We possess the knowledge, the expertise, and the enthusiasm to help you make your international move seamless and trouble-free. Count on us to manage your move with the globally-focused expertise that our customers have grown to love and value.


Choose Professionalism with Hintz Removals for Your International Move

Navigate Your International Move with Confidence and Ease

Moving homes is challenging enough, but when you’re relocating abroad, the task can seem outright intimidating. We comprehend the complexities involved in international moves and we’re here to assist you in navigating it all with ease. Think of us as your personal guide through the maze of customs regulations, shipping logistics, and packing strategies. We’re not just moving your belongings—we’re transporting your life and memories to a new country.

Imagine the scenic landscapes of Italy, the vibrant streets of London, or the quaint windmills of the Netherlands. These could be your new backyard, your daily commute, your weekend getaway. We’ll make sure that your move is as seamless and stress-free as possible so that you can start immersing yourself in the local culture right away. art home theater system, we’ll handle everything with the utmost care and precision. We’re not just moving boxes, we’re relocating your world.

Our expertise lies not just in the physical move but also in the emotional journey that comes with it. An international move is a whirlwind of emotions—excitement, apprehension, nostalgia, and anticipation. We’re here to reassure you that it’s okay to feel all these emotions. We’ll be with you every step of the way, providing you with the reassurances and the logistical support you need. With our help, your international move will turn from a complex challenge into an exciting adventure. After all, we’re not just delivering to any country in Europe – we’re transporting your dreams into reality.

How It Works ?

The Hintz Removals Process

Free Consultation: We take the guesswork out of moving. We’ll discuss your needs and timeline, then provide a personalised plan to keep your move on budget and schedule.

Personalized Quote: Receive a clear and transparent quote, along with optional packing services for added peace of mind.

Moving Day: Our experienced Dorset team will handle everything, from careful loading and transport to unloading and helping you get settled into your new space (unpacking services available upon request).

Benefits of Hintz Removals Service

Creative Solutions

We go beyond the box (literally) – dedicated approache for every move.

Professional Team

Experienced movers with a dedication to detail and customer satisfaction.

Diverse Approach

We tailor our services to your specific needs – no move is the same.

Embrace New Beginnings with International Moves by Hintz Removals

Moving is a significant milestone in life. It’s a journey, a new chapter, a physical manifestation of change. Here at Hintz Removals, we’re not just moving your belongings, we’re carrying your dreams, your ambitions, and your hopes to a new country. This is the beauty of International Moves, they symbolize liberation, the freedom to start afresh in a new environment, to explore and experience new cultures and traditions.

International Moves are like the open ocean, vast and full of possibilities. It’s not merely about shifting from point A to point B, it’s about breaking the shackles of the mundane, stepping out of your comfort zones, and sailing towards the horizon of opportunities. Our team at Hintz Removals understands this symbolism. We’re more than just a removal company; we’re your partners in this journey of discovery and exploration. Our key feature is our expansive reach. We can deliver to any country in Europe, making your dreams and aspirations come true.

At Hintz Removals, based in Bournemouth, we believe that your move should be as unique as you are. Like a painter’s canvas, every move is a masterpiece, a reflection of your individuality. We pour our heart and soul into ensuring your move is smooth and stress-free, just like the calmness of a serene sea. We take pride in being a part of your journey, adding our own touch of care and dedication. After all, International Moves are not just about relocating; they’re about embracing a new lease of life.

Moving to Bournemouth

Your Trusted Partner from Bournemouth to Beyond

Relocating abroad can be an exhilarating adventure, but it’s also a significant task that requires meticulous planning and execution. That’s where we come in. At Hintz Removals, we’re specialists in international moves, ensuring a smooth and stress-free shift to your new home, no matter where in Europe it may be.

We recognize that moving to a new country isn’t just about transporting your belongings from point A to point B. It’s about embarking on a new chapter in your life, and we’re here to make that shift as convenient as possible. We’re more than just a removals company; we’re your companions in this thrilling journey. From packing and shipping to customs clearance and delivery, we manage everything, so you don’t have to.

Located in Bournemouth, we’re ideally situated to cater to the UK and beyond. Our primary feature is our capability to deliver to any country in Europe, making us a top choice for those planning an international move. We’re dedicated to providing a seamless, expert service that prioritizes your requirements. With Hintz Removals, you can relax knowing that your international move is in secure and capable hands.

It’s simple. Just give us a call or drop us an email with the details of your move, and we’ll provide you with a thorough and competitive quote. We’re here to make your international move as easy and stressfree as possible.

We can deliver to any country in Europe. 

We’re highly dependable. We’ve been in the moving business for over 5 years and have a 4.9-star. 

We’re committed to effectiveness. Our team works hard to make sure moves are carried out in a timely and organised manner. We recognise that moving internationally can be stressful, so we do everything we can to make it as smooth as possible for you.

Our international moving service includes packing, transportation, and delivery to your new location.

We’ll manage all the logistics so you don’t have to worry about a thing.


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